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Analysis: Cummings Surges as Clear Winner in Debate

The first presidential debate to feature top candidates concluded with Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress emerging as the clear winner.

The Bush Chicken Sirleaf

OP-ED: Hopes Of National Reconciliation Fading

Without question, the reputation of President Sirleaf on the international stage is flawless. At home, however, most Liberians have serious doubts about the President’s commitment to national reconciliation, tackling corruption and prioritizing policies aimed at healing the wounds of victims of the Liberian Civil War. At the 11th hour, I call on President Sirleaf to salvage her legacy and reputation at home and among Diaspora Liberians by jump-starting national reconciliation and prioritizing healing the wounds of war by issuance of an executive order, granting visa waiver that opens the door for all Liberians forced into exile by the brutal civil war to return home and begin reconciliation.

OP-ED: Join PATEL to Bring Participatory Democracy to Liberia

Undue economic hardships are the incubators of democracy. Whether we were talking about the origins of democracy in America, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, or the European Union, economic hardships caused by excessive taxation imposed to enrich the political elites are the driving force for systemic change.