Candidates for Representative of Nimba’s First District Debate Each Other

GANTA, Nimba – Ducor Debates, a series of debates being held across the country to allow Liberians to compare their representative candidates, has hit Ganta, with five of the six candidates participating.

Although Nimba’s first electoral district is one of its highest profile districts, given that it contains Ganta, the district has the fewest number of candidates.

The six candidates running to represent the district include the incumbent, Rep. Jeremiah Kpan Koung; Margaret Kerlea Korkpor, a civil society leader and  the wife to Chief Justice Francis Korkpor; Samuel N. Brown, the businessman who within the past year has embarked on a series of projects in the district; Amos N. G. Suah, who has ties to the rural finance industry; Lawrence Sua, a law student who works as a branch manager for G.N. Bank; and Othello Deshields.

Margaret Korkpor presents her platform. Photo: Arrington Ballah

The only absent candidate was the independent candidate, Samuel N. Brown. His campaign has not provided any statement explaining his absence from the debate.

A major topic discusses during the debate was the contentious issue of land disputes. Korkpor took on a more reconciliatory approach, calling on the people of Nimba to see their differences as their strength in moving the county forward developmentally.

“We all need to understand that unity needs to come to us before we can undertake development,” she said. “When you are carrying on development, you have to see eye-to-eye; you need to have a common understanding and a common agreement – so in unity, we see our differences as our strength.”

Suah, however, vowed to evacuate people who are illegally occupying land in the district.

“If they claim that the land belongs to them, they must have the proper documents and deeds for the land they are occupying,” he said. “If they cannot produce documents for the land they are claiming, we will send them back.”

Suah also said he would build an embassy in Monrovia for citizens of the district residing there, should he be elected as the next representative of the district.

Amos N. G. Suah receives instruction from John Kollie, chief moderator of the debate. Photo: Arrington Ballah

The Ducor Debates is moderated by John Kollie of the Liberia Media for Democratic Initiative and Frank Sainworla of the Public Trust Media Group. It is being conducted in Nimba in collaboration with the Nimba County Community Radio Association. USAID provided funding for the events.

The audience watch the debate in Ganta. Photo: Arrington Ballah

Featured photo by Arrington Ballah

A resident of Ganta, Nimba County, Arrington has a background working with credit unions and other organizations dedicated to rural finance.

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