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Creative Afrik Hosts Second Cane Juice Festival in Grand Bassa

On March 2, Creative Afrik held its second iteration of the Cane Juice Festival. The festival, billed as a celebration of Liberian culture, took place at the Liberian-owned Elizabeth Village Resort, a resort located along the banks of the Benson River, not far from Buchanan. The festival featured live performances, canoe rides, pool access, live art, and of course, cane juice shots.

Dining Out in the Fish Market – Vamoma Corridor

Among the modest flurry of new Western-style fast food joints that seem to have popped up along Tubman Boulevard in my absence, I only sampled two, roughly across from each other, around the Airfield Junction. This review discusses the latest outpost of the Monroe Chicken empire and the rather more upmarket The Hub Diner (an incongruous name), which boasts similar offerings.