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“Ride the Beat” | A Lone Star Rises, Episode 4 | LTEN TV

“Ride the Beat” | A Lone Star Rises, Episode 4 | LTEN TV

This week on LTEN TV’s “A Lone Star Rises”, the artists competed in a 3rd challenge – Ride the Beat. If you want to be a musician, you also have to have rhythm. The artists were given a beat and a theme to come up with a song that represents their unique style. They paired up to ride the beat.

“I Think I Can Sing” | A Lone Star Rises, Episode 3 | LTEN TV

This week on “A Lone Star Rises,” the artists receive their second challenge. Challenge 2: I think I can sing. Most superstars can sing, act, and dance. Singing is not only about the words. It’s about conveying a feeling and connecting with the audience. In this challenge, the artists will partner up with another artist to sing a duet with no words.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Liberia

If you are like us, you probably read the news, a lot. And lately, you know that Liberia has dominated the news with reports on its battle against Ebola. But do you know these 25 little nuggets of truth about the country?