Integrity Idol Profile: Vivian Wamah, School Registrar

Integrity Idol 2017 is a nationwide citizen campaign to highlight the most honest government officials in Liberia. Every day, for five days, The Bush Chicken will feature a short bio and a video of each finalist. Anyone can vote for their favorite idol.

The competition aims to generate debate around the idea of integrity and demonstrate the importance of honesty, personal responsibility, and accountability as well as inspire a new generation to be more effective public servants.

Today’s featured finalist, Vivian Wamah, is a registrar at a pre-primary school and outside of work, runs a program to teach young girls skills and is the Secretary of a woman’s group. In her community, she is seen as a leader and to her husband, an equal partner in their work to build a successful agriculture business. They are currently scaling a cassava farm and raising pigs to support their family and using. They are using this enterprise to train young women in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Click here to vote for Vivian Wamah and other finalists.

Featured photo courtesy of the Accountability Lab. Disclosure: Accountability Lab provides financial support to The Bush Chicken.

Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab partners with civil society organizations in the developing world to build sustainable tools for new and innovative approaches to bolster accountability. The organization works to generate cost-effective relationships based on trust and cooperation rather than co-optation and dependency.

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