Liberty Party’s Nimba Head Denies Merger Talks with Unity Party

GANTA, Nimba – The chairman of Liberty Party’s Nimba branch has denied claims that the opposition party has agreed to join forces with the ruling Unity Party in the upcoming 2017 elections.

Speaking to a crew of journalists in Nimba, Paul Whyee said Liberty Party remains a formidable force in the country and it will do all it can to unseat the UP.

He said claims that his party’s political leader, Charles Brumskine and UP’s Vice President Boakai had a formal discussion for a merger, have no basis of truth.

“At no point in time our political leader has had any discussion with Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party for a merger,” Whyee said. “Like I always say, Liberty Party remains a formidable force that is ready to work harder to replace this government.

“This kind of misinformation does not mean well for our country. They are taking this as an advantage to exploit the wealth of our common people who do not have access to researching information,” he noted.

Whyee said this rumor was being spread by the Minister of Gender Julia Duncan-Cassell and it had been played on several radio stations in Monrovia.

“It is not true. Minister Duncan-Cassell is not a public relations officer for the Joseph Boakai Movement,” he said. “And as such, she’s being paid taxpayers’ money and that money should be used to do the government’s job, instead of being PRO for the Boakai Movement on the Unity Party.”

Whyee said the Liberty Party remains committed to the people of Liberia and would not trade their future for little or nothing, especially to a party like the Unity Party.

A resident of Ganta, Nimba County, Arrington has a background working with credit unions and other organizations dedicated to rural finance.

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