Maryland Records Ten Additional COVID Cases and One Death

HARPER, Maryland – Maryland’s county health officer has announced that the county has recorded ten additional cases of the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Methodius George made the pronouncement just days after two COVID-19 patients were released from care. They were released after treatment and negative test results and had been among the first three cases reported in Maryland during Liberia’s third wave of the virus.

George described the increase in the cases as alarming for the county; however, he believes that adherence to health protocols such as social distancing and mask-wearing would help prevent the further spread of the virus.

There have now been 13 new cases in Maryland during this third and deadliest wave of the pandemic. On June 22, 2021, Maryland joined the counties confirming new cases when those first three cases were reported. Only River Gee and Grand Kru remain unaffected by the latest Coronavirus wave in Liberia.

George told The Bush Chicken via phone that 6 of the 13 cases are currently in the treatment unit, 1 has died, 3 have been discharged, while another 3 are receiving home-based care.

Although he said Maryland has testing and treatment facilities, George worried that many Marylanders are still defying health regulations.

“It will be better when all our people wear the nose mask, wash their hands frequently, keep away from gathering and report people showing signs and symptoms of the virus,” he said. “The sooner you report to us, the better your chance of survival.”

Based on “our experience with the fight against Ebola,” George said he was confident that Maryland could defeat the pandemic. However, he said it required collaboration from all sectors of society, especially the media.

The media plays a crucial role in convincing a cynical Liberian public of the severity of the pandemic. Rumors have frequently circulated that the virus is not present in Liberia but is instead a means to raise money for corrupt politicians.

Bryan Dioh, the county coordinator of the Press Union of Liberia in Maryland, said media outlets were committed to the fight against COVID-19. He told The Bush Chicken that media entities in the county had been asked to raise awareness about how citizens can protect themselves against the virus. Often, these promotions are coming without ad payments, he said. He added that radio stations are already airing jingles in English, Grebo, and Kru to spread information on how the public can protect themselves.

“Money or no money, we must join the fight because the virus [doesn’t] know big or small person,” he said. “We will keep buttressing the efforts of the government and the Ministry of Health to save our own lives.”

George Momo

George K. Momo is also a correspondent of Liberia Broadcasting System and manager of Cape Rock Radio. He serves as acting president of the Maryland Press Association and the secretary-general of the South Eastern Journalist Association of Liberia. He is the Press Union of Liberia 2018 Human Rights Reporter award winner. George started his journalism career in Kakata at Atlantic Radio; he has over eight years working experience in community radio journalism. George is also a senior student of William V.S. Tubman University College of Education majoring in Early Childhood Education.

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