Rep. Yekeh Kolubah Pledges Support to Collaborating Opposition Political Parties

CONGO TOWN, Montserrado – Montserrado’s tenth district representative, Yekeh Kolubah, has pledged his support to the opposition collaborating political parties. He did so on Sunday after he led a team of supporters to Unity Party’s headquarter in Congo Town.

Four opposition parties, Unity Party, Liberty Party, All Liberian Party and Alternative National Congress signed a memorandum of understanding in February to collaborate to hold the ruling party accountable and ensure quality leadership for the country.

In announcing his support, Kolubah said, “Today, we are here to pledge our support to the collaborating parties. And we have come not to bring division. We have come to say we want us to hold together.”

“We have come to this collaborative party to make things happen. We like to encourage you, to admonish you that we are with you and we hope your hold together. We don’t want a divided group, because when we hold together, we will be successful.”

He said his decision to support the four collaborating political parties was to prop up its leaders, who he believes were aging and need support. He promised to further the cause of the collaboration.

“We have observed that this footballer – this merry maker – has decided to take our country in the mud, and we will not sit to allow it happen,” he said.

“If you want to impeach me, you can go ahead, but we got this to continue for five years.”

He dismissed any possibility that he could be bought over by the ruling establishment and warned against any plan to attempt to buy him over. He also promised to join any sit-in action launched by citizens.

The lawmaker said, one year into the current regime, the country is heading to nowhere because the president is in a rush to build wealth and wants everything for himself, at the disadvantage of the country and citizens.

He warned that any further attempts to carry out illegal proceedings, including impeachments, President George Weah would be asked to step down, as he would have no place in history.

The lawmaker also accused the legislature of being ineffective: “Our speaker has decided to take the legislature and put it in his bag and become escort to this president. We are not going to allow that.”

The chair of the four collaborating political parties and standard bearer of the All Liberian Party, Benoni Urey, praised Kolubah on behalf of the collaboration.

According to Urey, the four political parties understand the lawmaker’s frustration to see the country he fought for going down the drain. He promised to also stand by him in his struggle to restore fairness.

Chairman of opposition collaborating parties, Benoni Urey. Photo: Screenshot of KMTV broadcast

Urey warned against violence and attempts to topple the rights of citizens, noting that the law guarantees the rights of every citizen and that no one has monopoly over violence.

The ALP political leader said the growing waves of mob violence across the country was attributed to the lack of confidence in the justice system.

“The people are getting angry,” he said.

He also used the medium to call on officials of the government to desist from playing with the country and uphold the constitution. Urey also called on all citizens to join the collaboration.

“My people, the time for us to be divided is over. This is a call for all Liberians to unite and save our country,” he said.

“We believe in democracy. The tendency of democracy is what we will buy. We are a peaceful people.”

He assured citizens on behalf of the collaborating parties never to let them down, even in times of difficulties.

Unity Party’s standard bearer and former vice president Joseph Boakai also attended the ceremony.

Featured photo by Zeze Ballah

Gbatemah Senah

Senah is a graduate of the University of Liberia and a recipient of the Jonathan P. Hicks Scholarship for Mass Communications. Between 2017 and 2019, he won six excellent reporting awards from the Press Union of Liberia. They include a three-time Land Rights Reporter of the Year, one time Women's Rights Reporter of the Year, Legislative Reporter of the Year, and Human Rights Reporter of the Year.

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