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Shortage of Furniture Hampers Grand Bassa School

Shortage of Furniture Hampers Grand Bassa School

When the Ministry of Education assigned Bridge International Academies to operate the Buchanan Demonstration School in 2016, the ministry also directed another public school using the facility to relocate.

PSL Students Gain Extra 30+ Weeks of Learning, But at Significantly Higher Cost

As the controversial Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative enters its second year, a report conducted by the Center for Global Development has revealed that the program is costly to run, although it significantly raised students’ learning in its first year, compared with standard public schools.

OP-ED: There’s an Education Revolution Taking Place in Liberia. How Can We Make Sure it Benefits Everyone?

Cooper writes this as her first sentence in her biography of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who was born in 1938. She writes this to help readers outside the country understand how extraordinary it is that a Liberian woman became part of the governing inner circle. She had a successful career in the world of international finance, and then was sworn in as president of a country emerging from a civil war.