UNCHR Support for Karnplay-Loguatuo Road Rehabilitation in Doubt

GANTA, Nimba – After several weeks of pronouncement by the administration of Nimba County that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was funding the construction of the road from Karnplay to Loguatuo border, reports suggest that the UNCHR has backed away from the project.

Providing information about the current status of the road project, Radio Karn reporter Danny Wantee spoke on Radio Kergheamahn via mobile phone of its morning show, RKFM Breakfast.

“As I speak to you that project has come to a stop,” Wantee said, about the project that was to recondition the road. “However, we are yet to find out why, but time is far spent.“

Wantee said the projects’ termination has raised eyebrows, with citizens expressing fear of not being able to travel on a better road during the upcoming rainy season.

Meanwhile, Nimba’s Assistant Superintendent for Development, D. Dorr Cooper, has said the project is still ongoing but claimed that UNHCR has not yet made ready their own contributions toward the process.

“There has been a little bit of problem when we started the work,” Cooper said. “But if someone has said the work has come to a standstill, that’s not true, we are doing the work.”

“Meanwhile, we are still negotiating with our partners to live up to their own commitments they promised the people of Nimba. And this is where we are,” he said.

Cooper has said that Nimba County administration remains committed to rehabilitating the Karnplay to Loguatuo road to bring relief to the people of Gbehlay-Geh District, adding, “We are still committed to doing this road because it will be used by the people of Nimba County.”

A resident of Ganta, Nimba County, Arrington has a background working with credit unions and other organizations dedicated to rural finance.

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