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The Bush Chicken Mary Broh

GSA to Begin Publishing Names of Individuals Who Misuse Vehicles

The General Service Agency will begin publishing the names of individuals who misuse government vehicles assigned to them. Mary Broh, the head of the agency, discussed this initiative at Thursday’s Information Ministry daily press briefing in Monrovia. Broh warned that the misuse and abuse of vehicles and other mobile equipment had increased to “an unacceptable level” at a significant cost to taxpayers.

Schools’ Readiness After Ebola in Question

Six months after the closure of schools, the Liberian government has finally announced the reopening of schools. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made the pronouncement at a news conference in Monrovia. In July of 2014 when the deadly Ebola virus was at its highest rate of infection, President Sirleaf instituted a State of Emergency thus bringing to an abrupt end educational and other social activities in the Country.