Muslim Community in Nimba Says Support to Urey Was Made by Imposter

GANTA, Nimba – Members of the Islamic community in Nimba are divided after a group known as the Muslim Community in Nimba pledged its support to All Liberian Party’s Benoni Urey during the party’s July 8 convention.

The group’s spokesperson, Morris Jabateh, had said the Muslim Community in Nimba had earlier vowed not to partake in the elections on grounds that Muslims were marginalized in society, especially when it comes to issues of land ownership.

Notwithstanding, he said the group decided to throw its full support behind Urey “because we do believe that the honorable man, Benoni Urey, and also his vice standard bearer, [who] is to be one of our good brothers, a son of Nimba County, Alexander Doupu – we believe that they can deliver the goods to the masses.”

According to Jabeteh, Urey is tolerant of other religions, creative, and an individual that has created opportunities for many Liberians to seek employment.

However, Jabateh’s endorsement in the name of Muslims in Nimba has angered at least one Muslim group, Nimba County Muslim Association.

The leadership of NICOMA has distance itself from Jabateh’s statement and clarified that Jabateh does not belong to any Muslim group in the county, and as such does not have the right to speak for the Muslims in general.

According to the group spokesperson, Bambah Sissoko Sackor, Jabateh’s actions were simply done to acquire political relevance and personal gains from Urey. Sackor further added that Jabateh is not a resident of Nimba, nor is he a member of a recognized community of Muslims in the county.

Sackor said no Muslim group had yet pledged its allegiance to any candidate although the community has been courted by a variety of political parties on several occasions.

“We are in a consultative meeting with our sisters and brothers from the districts around the length and breadth of the county on who to pledge our allegiance and our support to,” he said.

Sackor said anyone who says they represent the Muslim community or Mandingos in support of a political party “should not be taken into consideration.”

He said members of the Nimba Muslim community had been strongly warned against making unapproved statements on behalf of the recognized body, NICOMA.

Featured photo by Arrington Ballah

A resident of Ganta, Nimba County, Arrington has a background working with credit unions and other organizations dedicated to rural finance.

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