Open Letter to U.S. Ambassador for Update on Missing Billions

Dear Amb. Elder:

With utmost courtesy, kindly accept our warm compliments during this festive season.

On September 24, 2018, thousands of patriotic Liberians, out of firm conviction and love for country, petitioned your government and prominent international organizations (the U.N., A.U., E.U. and ECOWAS) through a mass peaceful protest, calling for an independent international forensic investigation into the missing containers of local currency amounting to L$16 billion.

Such popular civil action demanding full accountability and restitution of those missing containers of billions under President George M. Weah was principally driven by the people’s unflinching desire to end systemic corruption and impunity in Liberia. The initial position of COCUBOMB, in demand of full accountability, restitution, and prosecution of all those linked to this cruel spree of economic sabotage and mass plunder, remains unchanged.

In response to our nine-count petition on September 24, 2018, you assured us of your government’s commitment to independently investigate this missing money mystery. On October 10, 2018, you released an official statement through your embassy near Monrovia indicating that you have reached out to credible international firms to conduct an independent forensic investigation.

However, since then, the public has not received any update on that investigation. COCUBOMB, therefore, craves your indulgence to release a partial or full update on this ongoing investigation, as Liberians remain eager. We remain grateful to you and all partners for your intervention, which we hope will produce a credible outcome of this ongoing investigation.

Furthermore, the Liberia people are deeply concerned about the suspicious and blurred explanation by Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah surrounding the US$25 million intended to mop up excess liquidity of Liberian Dollars from the economy. As part of our nine-count petition, we hope a full update will also be provided in this regard.

Madam Ambassador, the popular call of the masses remains “Bring Back Our Money.” With high esteem and sentiments of best wishes, we promise to be peaceful and uncompromising in any further protest action if this government does not fully account for our missing billions.

Yours respectfully,

Jeremiah S. Swen

Secretary-General, COCUBOMB

Martin K. N. Kollie

National Chairman, COCUBOMB

Cc: United Nations, African Union, European Union, ECOWAS

Featured photo by Jefferson Krua

Martin K. N. Kollie

Martin K. N. Kollie is a self-exiled Liberian activist, columnist, and emerging economist. He is a former leader at the University of Liberia and a Lux-In-Tenebris Scholar. He can be reached by email.

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