Pres. Weah Appoints 25 Local Government Officials in River Cess

CESTOS, River Cess – Pres. George Weah has appointed 25 local government officials in River Cess, appointing a new superintendent after previously appointing Ruth Sawmadal to the position.

Bismark Karbiah, the chairman of the River Cess chapter of the Coalition for Democratic Change, is the county’s newly appointed superintendent. Karbiah had been among the vocal opponents of Sawmadal’s initial appointment, which received a backlash of protests, mainly from the youth.

Sawmadal was part of a county administration that is being sued by the River Cess chapter of the Civil Society Organizations of Liberia for refusing to account for River Cess’ county social development funds over a number of years.

Karbiah holds an associate degree from the Grand Bassa Community College and previously served as a political officer of River Cess’ second district representative, Byron Zanwhea.

For the position of assistant superintendent for development, Amos Somah has been appointed, while former chairman of the project management committee of River Cess, Elijah Kassaynee, was appointed as assistant superintendent for fiscal affairs.

Kassaynee served as CDC’s spokesperson for River Cess during the recent elections.

Four commissioners, including Simeon Sahn of Zanflahn District, Murphy Bloh of Fen River District, Dennis Seeboe of Sam Gbarloh District, and Paul Ganwaye were retained.

The commissioner of the Township of Yarpah, Robert Yondo, was appointed assistant superintendent for development for Central River Cess District.

River Cess natives have already benefited from three national level positions, which include Defense Minister Daniel Ziankahn, the Liberia Institute of Public Administration’s Director General Bill Twehway, and Josephus Burgess, commissioner at the Liberia Land Authority.

Eric Doue

Eric Opa Doue is a co-founder of Echo Radio Station, which does a series of programs in Bassa, Kru, and simple Liberian English. Under his leadership, Echo Radio was selected as one of the Moody Radio global partners for training opportunities in 2013 and 2014. Eric was one of a handful of reporters who received training from Internews in 2015 on humanitarian reporting during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. He holds a diploma in Journalism, from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

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