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Education Ministry Gives Nimba Teachers 2nd Chance at Aptitude Test

Education Ministry Gives Nimba Teachers 2nd Chance at Aptitude Test

The Ministry of Education is urging teachers in Nimba who did not take an initial evaluation test in Sanniquellie on April 2 to take advantage of another test scheduled on May 28 in Gbarnga.

Education Minister Eases Concerns about Partnership Schools for Liberia

Education Minister George Werner’s latest move to partner with private institutions to improve the quality of Liberia’s education system has been met with intense resistance from many individuals and groups. In an exclusive interview with The Bush Chicken, the Minister clarified some of the misconceptions about his approach.

Amid Disagreement with Teachers’ Union, MOE Administers Test in Nimba

After several weeks of dialogue between the Ministry of Education and the National Teacher Association of Liberia over teacher testing in Nimba, the ministry said it finally administered the tests.

Ministry of Education Appeals to Nimba Teachers, as Vows to Boycott Tests Continue

A Ministry of Education representative, Avertus Wright, called on all teachers in the county to assemble in Sanniquellie for a test. The announcement came a few days after Samuel Johnson, the Secretary General of the National Teachers Association of Liberia, said teachers would not sit for the tests being administered by the Ministry.