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EDITORIAL: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Deserves the Ibrahim Prize

EDITORIAL: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Deserves the Ibrahim Prize

Winning this award was certainly a capstone to Ellen Sirleaf’s career as a fearless Liberian leader. She may not have been perfect, but she made significant strides in helping Liberia rise from the ashes.

Activist Receives Human Rights Awards from Harvard University Affiliate

Tulay-Solanke was presented the award at a ceremony recently held on November 10 in Orvieto, Italy before the assembly of more than 60 international participants attending the Harvard Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery course, sponsored by Harvard Medical School.

Book Review: From Oliver Twist to ‘Preeminent Man’: Sakui Malakpa on The Rise of Joseph Boakai

Joseph Boakai’s tenure as vice president of Liberia has been relatively quiet, particularly when considering the attention lavished on the president in whose administration he serves.

OP-ED: Will Their Dreams Ever Be Fulfilled?

I had just graduated from high school and was teaching a study class with eight amazing kids during my gap year. Idle-minded and patiently awaiting my entrance results from the University of Liberia, I began to write stories and poems. But I was drawn to take up the study class because I didn’t feel satisfied seeing children in my community gallivanting with no direction or focus.