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OP-ED: President Mugabe’s Death and My Zimbabwe File

OP-ED: President Mugabe’s Death and My Zimbabwe File

News of the recent death of former Zimbabwean President Robert G. Mugabe at age 95 led me to my Zimbabwe file. You see, I, along with my delegation, served as the first special envoy of Liberia to incoming Prime Minister Mugabe in early April 1980. As history turned, mine was among the last diplomatic missions

OP-ED: A Response to Rodney Sieh’s ‘Same and the Shame’ Letter

On July 25, 2018, I lamented our claim to independence for not taking ownership of our failings or actions within our control to change the trajectory of our nation. Having read the editorial by FrontPage Africa’s Rodney Sieh published on 25 July 2019, I felt obliged to give a different analysis. There are some points in the piece that I agree with, but a lot I believe are misplaced. I would like to deconstruct the narrative proffered by my countryman, whom I respect and applaud for his excellent investigative reporting.

OP-ED: Professionally Trained Liberian Historians Wanted

When I began my master’s in history at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London in 2015, my intention was to focus on the nexus between African religions and warfare in Kenya (Mau Mau) and other similar insurgent groups during the 20th century.