Rep. Edwin Snowe Announces Senatorial Bid

TUBMANBURG, Bomi Representative Edwin Snowe has finally announced his plan to contest the December 8 senatorial election in Bomi.

Snowe, who represents Bomi’s first district, made the announcement in a press conference after meeting with traditional leaders of the district he represents. In making his decision, he said he has accepted the request of former Bomi senator Lahai Lansanah to contest the election since Lansanah himself did not make the Collaborating Political Parties’ ticket.

“My citizens, I have come today to inform you in Senjeh District and Bomi County at-large that after being asked by my friend and political ally, former senator Lahai Lansana, who did not make the CPP nomination for Bomi County, and after close consultation with my family, we have come today to inform the people of Bomi County that we have accepted the request of [a] cross-section of our citizens to contest,” Snowe said.

The Bomi lawmaker said his decision to run for the county seat was based on his accomplishments in his district over almost three years and his desire to extend those endeavors to serve the entire county.

“We have come today not out of greed; we have come today not seeking self-interest; we have today believing that going to the Senate, we will have the opportunity to serve the entire Bomi County, remembering that Senjeh District is where our political navel string is, as we move in other districts in bringing our county to be a better Bomi,” he noted.

Snowe, who recently resigned from Unity Party, says he will run as an independent candidate.

He thanked his 2017 supporters and asked them to join him on this continuation of the journey.

Snowe said since becoming a Bomi lawmaker, he has constructed a market hall for marketers of Joseph Town, provided millions of dollars in scholarships, constructed the Gbah Jalla-keh Multipurpose Town Hall. He noted that he did that without the Legislative Support Projects which allows lawmakers to select impact projects within their districts to support.

Snowe’s announcement comes in the wake of media reports that some chiefs and elders were warning the lawmaker against pursuing the senatorial seat. In a gathering on Wednesday featuring 22 of the 26 Senjeh chiefs and elders at Beajah, the district headquarters, the traditional leaders presented a document containing their signatures that denied such claim.

A convoy brings Rep. Edwin Snowe back after his meeting with the chiefs and elders on Wednesday. Photo: Kemah Zinnah

Snowe now joins a race that features former House Speaker Alex Tyler, who has vowed to remove the incumbent Sen. Sando Johnson. Former Bomi Community College president, Zobong Normon, and Dewoin District’s Adama Soko Dorley are also planning on running. Meanwhile, Ousman Dukely has backed off from the race to support Snowe.

The National Elections Commission has already announced that the voter roll update period will begin on Sept. 1, along with candidate nomination. Sept. 21 is the deadline for getting any candidate nominated.

Featured photo by Kemah Zinnah

Richard Williams

Born in Tubmanburg, Bomi, Richard Williams obtained an associate degree in Business Management from the Bomi County Community College. He has worked in the past as news director for Radio Bomi and currently serves in the same role at Pumah FM.

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