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OP-ED: History Will Not Accept Excuses From Dr. Bropleh

OP-ED: History Will Not Accept Excuses From Dr. Bropleh

George Weah is best known to the world as the only African to have won the Ballon d’or. With more than two decades gone, the international wire has not grappled with the reality that the legendary soccer star is now president of the world’s poorest country. One could argue that President Weah himself has not come to terms with the reality that unlike the soccer pitch, leading Liberia requires vision and unmatched leadership to get the right wheels turning.

OP-ED: Powerful Dreams Have No Boundaries

Everyone in Liberia has one way or another experienced the powerful bite of a mosquito. Most Liberians, especially those who cannot afford to purchase a mosquito coil or net, experience restless nights, mainly during the dry season.

OP-ED: Will Their Dreams Ever Be Fulfilled?

I had just graduated from high school and was teaching a study class with eight amazing kids during my gap year. Idle-minded and patiently awaiting my entrance results from the University of Liberia, I began to write stories and poems. But I was drawn to take up the study class because I didn’t feel satisfied seeing children in my community gallivanting with no direction or focus.