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Representatives Vie for Speaker Position in 54th Legislature

Representatives Vie for Speaker Position in 54th Legislature

As the 54th National Legislature officially takes seat on Monday, several representatives have been angling for the positions of speaker and deputy speaker.

Muslims Advised to Avoid Candidates Promoting Christian State

Ali Krayee, head of the National Imam Council of Liberia, has called on fellow Muslims to avoid voting for anyone in the October 10 general elections who advocated for making Liberia a Christian nation.

Provisional Candidate Listing Indicates Low Women Participation

Progressive provisional candidate listing released by the National Elections Commission indicates that the number of female candidates so far cleared to contest in the October 10 elections is very low.

Over 40,000 Ballot Papers Arrived for Lofa By-Election

The National Elections Commission has disclosed the arrival of more than 40,000 ballots in the country for the February 28 by-election in Lofa to replace the deceased Rep. Eugene Fallah Kparkar.