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At National Seminar, Howard-Taylor Highlights Challenges to Women’s Political Participation

Ahead of October 2020 senatorial by-election in Liberia, the UN agency which focuses on women empowerment, UN Women, has organized a seminar on strategies to enforce gender quotas and implement the provision of the Elections Law that requires political parties to ‘endeavor’ to ensure that at least 30 percent of their candidates are of either gender.

Vice President Breaks Ground for Youth Rehabilitation Project in Bomi

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor visited Bomi this past weekend to break grounds for the Bai T. Moore Rehabilitation Village Project in the county’s capital, Tubmanburg. The project, named after the famous son of the county, a poet and literary icon, possesses incredible historical and sentimental value for the people of Tubmanburg.

Sen. Sando Johnson’s Road Rehabilitation in Bomi Draws Praises and Criticisms

Bomi’s Senator Sando Johnson has kicked off a major road rehabilitation effort in the county ahead of the rainy season. The initiative, which will open many of the feeder roads that become damaged and nearly impassable during the rainy season, is expected to bring some relief to citizens.

Senate Constitutes Committee to Probe Claim by VP of Budgetary Neglect

enate President Pro Tempore Albert Chie has constituted a five-person special Senate committee to investigate complaints by Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor that the Executive Branch has neglected to accord the adequate budgetary allocation, allowances, and benefits for her office.

Leaked Letter Indicates VP’s Absence from Senate Opening was Due to Lack of Finances

A leaked communication from the office of the vice president revealed that, contrary to reasons provided by Senate President Pro Tempore Albert Chie, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor’s absence from the opening session of the senate was due to complaints about the government not providing her office with its allotted budget.