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Education NGO Forum Condemns Violence During Student Protest

Education NGO Forum Condemns Violence During Student Protest

The Education NGO Forum, a body of more than 50 local and international organizations working within Liberia’s education sector, has condemned the violence exerted both against and by students of the Monrovia Consolidated School System during a protest on Tuesday.

Brumskine’s Education Policies Are Nothing New and Lack Key Details

Accepting Liberty Party’s nomination to contest this year’s presidential elections, Charles W. Brumskine made some pledges regarding education that appear quite laudable at first glance. However, further scrutiny reveals that Liberty Party’s education policies are nothing new.

OP-ED: The Future of Partnership Schools For Liberia

Recently, education providers, stakeholders, funders and the Government of Liberia, led by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, huddled in Ganta and Monrovia to discuss the future of the much-heralded Partnership Schools for Liberia’s (PSL) “Investing in Education for the Future” Conference.