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Hot Pepper’s Philipbert Browne Continues to Evade Lawmakers

Hot Pepper’s Philipbert Browne Continues to Evade Lawmakers

Philipbert Browne, the man who broke news about the mysterious disappearance of newly printed Liberian banknotes, says he did not receive the second communication from members of the legislature requesting him to reappear.

Former Central Bank Governor Admits Legislature Did Not Approve Printing of Additional L$10.5 billion

Former Central Bank Governor Milton Weeks has admitted before the plenary of the House of Representatives that the printing of the additional L$10.5 billion new banknotes was not authorized by the legislature.

Margibi’s Sen. Tornonlah and Rep. Nuquay Listed for Poor Performance, Legislators Cited for Misuse of Funds

On Monday, the Institute for Research and Democratic Development released its 2015 legislative performance report grading lawmakers of the 53rd National Legislature. The report ranked specific lawmakers on various aspects of their performances and highlighteds overall concerns with the institution.