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700 Pages of Evidence Compiled By Taskforce in Ongoing Bribery Case

700 Pages of Evidence Compiled By Taskforce in Ongoing Bribery Case

The chairman of the special presidential taskforce formed to investigate bribery allegations in response to the recent Global Witness report has announced that the body has already compiled more than 700 pages of evidence in preparation for additional indictments.

Sherman and Tyler Appear In Court over Alleged Bribery Allegations

The grounds of the Temple of Justice on Wednesday was a scene of drama and tension as two senior government officials, Senator Varney Sherman and House Speaker Alex Tyler, appeared in court over bribery allegations named in the recent Global Witness report.

Second Integrity Idol Launched to Celebrate “Honest Civil Servants”

The recent publication of Global Witness’ report about government officials accepting bribes from a British company has dominated the Liberian news cycle. In a most timely coincidence, Accountability Lab has launched its second edition of Integrity Idol in Liberia. The campaign is a contest that aims to shine a light on the nation’s most honest civil servants.

Amidst Progress, America’s Chief Africa Diplomat Warns of Economic & Security Challenges

The US State Department’s chief diplomat for Africa, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, delivered an address entitled ‘Securing a Peaceful and Prosperous Future for Liberia’ yesterday at the African Methodist Episcopal University. Thomas-Greenfield served as the US Ambassador to Liberia from 2008–2012 and began her remarks by noting, “Every day since I left, I’ve missed Liberia.”

Varney Sherman, Alex Tyler, and Other Government Officials Implicated in Global Witness Report

Global Witness, a corruption watchdog that focuses on issues related to natural resource exploitation, has released a report implicating several Liberian government officials in a corruption scandal involving the publicly traded British firm Sable Mining.