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OP-ED: The Current State of Affairs in Liberia — President Weah Needs to Lead

OP-ED: The Current State of Affairs in Liberia — President Weah Needs to Lead

The group of ex-rebel generals initially demanded that Representative Yekeh Kolubah surrender himself to them so they could turn him over to the government for questioning. Can you imagine?

Deciphering Kroll’s Missing Currency Report – An Independent Review into Liberia’s Missing Banknotes

The 67-page Kroll report reveals a series of significant missteps at just about every point in the process, raises serious concerns about the Central Bank of Liberia’s internal record-keeping. So, let’s take a look at some of Kroll’s findings.

OP-ED: Business as Usual in Liberia – Lies, Incompetence, and US$100 Million in Missing Cash

As the jubilation of Liberia’s historic presidential transfer of power has worn off, Liberians have settled back down into their daily routines. It appears politicians have too. It’s back to business as usual in Liberia, complete with lies, incompetence, and one of the biggest financial scandals in Liberia’s history.

OP-ED: How the Legacy of Mandela is Boosting Tourism in South Africa’s Economy

As an African, I feel great pride and gratitude for Nelson Mandela accomplishments. As a business professional, I can appreciate the economic boost his story is giving to South Africa. As a Liberian, I can’t help but think, wait a minute… we have a compelling story of our own that we could be benefiting from, too.