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In Stinging Defeat to Government, Civil Law Court ‘B’ Restores Punch FM’s License to Operate

On Tuesday, Jan. 7, Judge Peter Gbenewelleh of Civil Law Court B dealt a major blow to the government in a case filed by the management of Punch FM 106.3, in which the government continues to deny the issuing the station’s operating license. The judge ruled in a declaratory judgment that the government must immediately issue Punch FM’s license.  

In Landmark Case, Supreme Court Rules Dual Citizenship Not Illegal Unless Established Through Due Process

The Supreme Court of Liberia has ruled in favor of an American-based Liberian attorney, Alvin Teage Jalloh, in the landmark case Jalloh v. Republic of Liberia, in which the court interprets the constitutionality of Section 22.1 and 22.2 of the Alien and Nationality Law in favor of Jalloh, and against the Liberian Embassy in Washington, D.C.