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OP-ED: Sharing Lessons Learned from Ebola to Defeat Coronavirus

OP-ED: Sharing Lessons Learned from Ebola to Defeat Coronavirus

Both the Coronavirus and Ebola are viruses with many similarities in how they can be prevented. During the Ebola pandemic, while working as a contact tracer, I remember some of the major problems that allowed the virus to spread were misinformation, denial, a poor health system, and a government negligent to follow up on their words in protecting citizens.

Margibi’s Rep. Tarponweh Decries ‘Messy’ Post-Ebola Healthcare System

While commemorating the national Ebola burial site on Disco Hill, Rep. Tibelrosa Tarponweh of Margibi’s first district described the country’s health sector in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak as ‘messy.’

OP-ED: Powerful Dreams Have No Boundaries

Everyone in Liberia has one way or another experienced the powerful bite of a mosquito. Most Liberians, especially those who cannot afford to purchase a mosquito coil or net, experience restless nights, mainly during the dry season.

Did Urey’s Foundation Treat Over 5,000 People During the Ebola Outbreak?

Did Urey’s team treat over 5,000 people during the Ebola epidemic? And if so, was that number more than what the government and international community treated combined?