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OP-ED: Charles Walker Brumskine – ‘The Man in the Arena’

OP-ED: Charles Walker Brumskine – ‘The Man in the Arena’

Indeed, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine spent himself in a worthy cause for Liberia’s betterment. Sadly, like the many great sons and daughters before him whose legacies live only in distant fading memories, what is left of him will depend upon the society he leaves behind.

Local CDC Leadership Split in Support of Party’s Candidate in Margibi

The local leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change in Margibi’s second district has suggested that it will not support the party’s pick for the representative position, amid dissatisfaction over how the candidate was selected.

In River Cess, Offices of Political Parties are Closed Every Day

If Liberian political parties consider River Cess to be a scene worth competing in, it is not apparent from the sight at the local offices of the various parties, which are characterized by empty and closed buildings.