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OP-ED: Salary Harmonization or Salary Cut?

A salary cut is a reduction or decrease in one’s pay or income. It is also called salary deduction or wage cut. Meanwhile, a salary harmonization simply means equal work for equal pay across government or the same position for the same salary. Salary harmonization mainly focuses on equity on the pay scale or bridging salary disparities or imbalances.

Tubman University Returns to Normal, as President Says Salary Harmonization is Beyond Gov’t Control

As staff at Tubman University have expressed their displeasure with the government’s salary harmonization policy, the university’s president, Elliot Wreh-Wilson, says the move is beyond the government’s control.

Legislature Kicks off Budget Hearing with Revenue Generating Entities

Members of a joint legislative committee are meeting today on the third day of hearing into the draft budget to determine the abilities of government agencies to generate the local revenue component of the over US$532 million proposed for the 2019 fiscal year.