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Journalists Who Covered 2017 Elections Take on Elections Reform

In previous articles, The Bush Chicken has explored recommendations for improving future elections made by elections observer missions, including the Elections Coordinating Committee, which had the highest number of local observers.

Implementing Recommendations for Electoral Reform

On January 22, Liberia experienced its first handover of power from one elected leader to another in 73 years. Pres. George Weah’s inauguration followed a historic election that saw a loser in a presidential race accept the results and concede defeat to the winner for the first time in many years.

Women’s Group Launches Report Highlighting Challenges With Representation in Gov’t

A women’s empowerment group has launched a report highlighting factors affecting women’s political participation in Liberia. The report assesses the current state of women political leadership by mapping the number of women serving in leadership across all branches and sectors of government.