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Businesses Still Spending Big on Fuel; Want to Benefit from Mt. Coffee

Despite the rehabilitation of the Mount Coffee Hydroelectric Power Plant, many large businesses in the country are still spending huge sums of money to purchase fuel to run generators that supply their businesses with power.

OP-ED: A Hopeless Unification Day

Touring Red Light, a commercial suburb outside Monrovia, was a painful experience for me this past Unification Day. Even on this national holiday, there was no space for pedestrians to easily travel or pass through as street peddlers and petty traders flooded Red Light in pursuit of economic survival.

Luscious Libations in Monrovia: A Tour of 5 Bars

Expanding on my recent review of the rooftop bar at the Royal Grand Hotel, The Bush Chicken readers may be interested in a brief tour of some dedicated drinking establishments that stand out, but are more representative of the typical drinking scene in Liberia.

Belgian Brews at The Living Room

After a Monrovia hiatus of several months, I’m back on the scene, ready for the rainy season and a continuation of culinary adventures. To ease my return, the first column of my second Monrovia stint will be confined solely to the pleasures of the luscious libations at The Living Room, the rooftop bar at the Royal Grand Hotel.