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Urey and Alexander Doupu to Lead ALP in October 10 Elections

Urey and Alexander Doupu to Lead ALP in October 10 Elections

With only one-week extension for the final registration of political candidates announced by the National Election Commission remaining, the All Liberian Party has named its Standard Bearer and vice Standard Bearer.

Vote-rich Nimba Serves as Fierce Battleground for Political Parties

Liberia’s second largest city was the center of politics this past weekend as Unity Party and the All Liberian Party competed for attention with opposing events.   

ALP’s Nimba County Officials Clash with District Leaders for Naming Amos Suah as Candidate

Officials of the All Liberian Party Nimba Chapter of businessman-turned-politician Benoni Urey have expressed disappointment in the county’s leadership, following a decision to name Amos Suah as its candidate for representative of Nimba’s first district.

Brumskine’s Education Policies Are Nothing New and Lack Key Details

Accepting Liberty Party’s nomination to contest this year’s presidential elections, Charles W. Brumskine made some pledges regarding education that appear quite laudable at first glance. However, further scrutiny reveals that Liberty Party’s education policies are nothing new.

In River Cess, Offices of Political Parties are Closed Every Day

If Liberian political parties consider River Cess to be a scene worth competing in, it is not apparent from the sight at the local offices of the various parties, which are characterized by empty and closed buildings.