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What Happened to Yesterday’s Protest

What Happened to Yesterday’s Protest

Yesterday, a planned protest organized by the Council of Patriots seemed to go astray amid a gathering of a small group of protesters near Capitol Hill without the presence of their leaders. The day’s events later got complicated, as rioting sprouted on Tubman Boulevard, causing major traffic.

OP-ED: The Petition That Didn’t Petition – An Assessment of the Council of Patriot Demands

The Council of Patriots has scheduled another protest on July 31, in a quest to get the government to act on its 45-count petition presented on June 9, 2019. However, the petition presents three challenges that probably inhibit the government’s response. First, the unofficial delivery, second the legitimacy question that arises with the fast disintegration of CoP; and third, most of the demands are flawed, unspecific, and moot.

OP-ED: President Weah and the Existential Liberian Dilemma

On June 7, during a mass citizen protest against rising government inefficiency, economic hardship, public mismanagement, and incompetence, the Government of Liberia said it blocked social media for “national security” reasons. Many, especially the press and civil society organizations, have labeled it as a way of curtailing free speech and muzzling the press.